Thursday Thoughts


Hello! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week thus far. I have a few thoughts and links I'd like to share with you, this fine Thursday day.

  • I'm kind of happy that the temperature is starting to drop again. We've been having some pretty hot days and I'm glad because I've already visited the beach a few times, but it's just way too early, I feel, for temperatures to be up at 80 degrees. There was a point last week when I was thinking "If this is how hot the first week of May is, I can't imagine mid-July." It just felt like summer was creeping in way too quickly. Thankfully, temperatures next week are looking to be around high 60s to low 70s, which is exactly what Spring should be. PLUS, it looks like there are a few showers coming, which my grass and flowers will be much thankful for. 
  • I am super excited that flip flop weather is here (well for me). And, I'm pretty excited that I'm back in South Jersey for the summer because that means I won't get as much criticism for wearing them almost every day until Fall. I have always loved Sanuks because of how super comfortable they are no matter how long I'm walking around in them. I have a few favorites but I've had these flip flops for a while and I LOVE them. It feels like I'm walking on yoga mats all day... what more could you want?
  • The train derailment in Philly this past Tuesday is such sad news. I've rode on the Northeast Corridor SO many times these past 4 years to get to and from Rutgers and UVa. It brought me chills when I read this article. I can only image the terror and fear from this terrifying accident. My thoughts and prayers are with those victims. 
  • Check out this Austin City Limits Music Festival LineupEver since Firefly Music Festival last year, Kyle and I have been on the lookout for festivals to attend this summer. We were SURE that we were going to go to Firefly again this year, but of course they removed Single Day Passes and we were forced to either purchase the whole weekend, or none at all. Ugh. We just went for one day last year, and it was both SOOO good and so exhausting. I can't imagine camping out and doing that for 3 or 4 days straight. Anyone going to any cool music festivals this summer?
  • It is NEVER you're fault. "[Victims] are put through the wringer of having their credibility questioned, their integrity questioned, their behavior questioned... so that they are the focus of the investigation rather than the offender's behavior." Coming from a science background, this is a good read on what sexual assault can do to your brain. Take the time to read it, and stand up to sexual violence. 
  • I'm not a huge fan of flavored water but these look so YUM! I can't wait to give some of them a try this summer. What are your favorite combinations for some tasty flavored water?
  • I watched Paddington this past weekend and I loved it! I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a cute family movie to watch this weekend. 
  • Yes, 12 reasons to visit the Philippines! GO.

I have a few projects and recipes lined up, and I'm excited to share them soon enough ;) Have a great weekend!