104.5 Birthday Bash Concert!


So Kyle and I watched our first concert of the summer! Well, technically it's not summer yet, but it's May and the weather that day sure felt like summer! It was about 80 degrees during the peak hours, and it was SO hot. The concert started at 12pm and didn't end until 10pm that night. We also had lawn tickets so we were out in that heat, and of course Kyle and I forgot our sunscreen so we were baking under the sun all day. We eventually had to wrap our blanket around us just to help our poor skin. By the end of the day, Kyle was walking funny and was as red as a lobster. BUT all that aside, the concert was pretty good! The day felt super long, but it was really fun! Kyle and I had a lot of down time to catch up and we were able to sit back and relax while listening to some good music. It was so packed for the amount of space they had and it almost felt like a festival with how long the day was. I only wish the venue was a little better because there were not much places to walk in between each set. I've watched concerts there in the past, and it's good when they're a few hours long, with only a few acts, but for one that's 10 hours long with about 9 performers... eeeek! Here was the lineup from the concert! Some of my favorites from the show were Walk the Moon, Passion Pit, Vance Joy, and Of Monsters and Men. Walk the Moon and Of Monsters and Men did a really great job interacting with the crowd and getting them excited during their performances. They were awesome! We actually attended one of 104.5 Birthday concert before in Penn's Landing, PA and that venue quickly became one of my favorites! We'll be watching twenty-one pilots there in September and I'm WAY excited for that!