Atlanta, GA!


So this past summer, Kyle & I took a 10 day trip to the south and road tripped around a few states. We flew out of the Atlantic City Airport to Atlanta, GA, where our trip began. We rented a car (a mini coop to be exact ;) ) and we toured around Atlanta for two nights. Two things: 1. traffic 2. JENI'S ICE CREAM. For those of you who know me, know how much I just LOVE ice cream. So much so that I am constantly on the search for the best in any area I go to. Jeni's has to be my favorite to date. I can't even explain how good it is but if ever you're around Atlanta, you MUST try it out. 

Here are my recommendations for Atlanta:


  • Georgia Aquarium: I'm not even a huge fan of aquariums but we visited the largest one in the whole U.S. and it was worth it.
  • Atlanta BeltLine: I always think one of the best way to explore a new city is on a bike. I'd recommend renting them and riding them on the belt line while admiring the views of the city.
  • Centennial Park: We walked around Centennial Park right around the same time the Summer 2016 Olympics was ending, so it was pretty cool to see where the Olympics was held in 1996.




Firefly Music Festival


So Kyle and I went to the Firefly Music Festival this year at Dover, DE! We went two years ago for only a single day, but last year they stopped selling single day passes, so we missed out. When the lineup came out this year, we knew we just had to go for it and buy the 4 day pass... and THANK GOODNESS WE DID! I seriously had one of the best weekends of my life at firefly. It was just filled with good company, positive vibes, and GREAT music. We got to Travis Barker's drum solo session an hour early and was honestly like 15 feet from him... unreal. And of course, Kyle just about peed his pants when he saw Blink 182 play. Last time we saw them live was about 6 years ago and we'll see them again in Atlantic City this summer. Mumford and Sons & Florence and the Machine were AMAZING.... gosh they had me in tears.

Firefly was less than week after the tragedy at Orlando and the death of Christina Grimmie, and at first I felt so guilty having such a blast at a time where the world was filled with so much darkness, but after almost every band paid tribute to Orlando and the LGBTQ community, I realized why I was really there. Music is SO powerful - it unites, speaks to, and moves people. There were times when bands dedicated a song and a moment of silence to the tragedies that are going on in this world, and I cried. I cried on more than one occasion actually and I closed my eyes and thanked God for music. At a time when I was filled with so much anger, frustration, sadness, and heartbreak, music brought me a moment of happiness. I hope that at this time of darkness, people see the light. I hope that people remain aware of what's going on in this world, open up to differences, be supportive and helpful to those who mourn, and speak up when needed. Although it may be hard, try to remain fearless in this fearful world we live in. 


Boston, Massachusetts


Welp, here it goes... the last video of my summer trip last year. When Kyle and I began our excursion, we started off at Boston, spent three days there, rented a car, and drove to Maine for the rest of our trip. We got a round trip bus from NYC to Boston for like $36 so how can you beat that?! On our first day there, we went to the Sam Adams Brewery, watched a baseball game at Fenway Park, ate lots of hot dogs, and traveled an hour out to get the best ice cream on our list. I actually had ice cream 6/9 days on this trip so...hehe. Anyway, Kyle and I jam packed all of our days and literally woke up so early each day to fit all the activities and find time to hit up food in between. We visited college campuses, wore ponchos out in the pouring rain, rode on trollies, traveled through subways, rented bikes for a day, and walked. A WHOLE LOT. We also ate more food on this trip than I'm willing to admit. I'll be posting an itinerary of our trip with all the food spots we hit up in case anyone wanted the recommendations. There are so many things to do in Boston, and even if we were up and out from 8-11 every day, we still feel like there is so much we didn't get to see. But with $36 round trip tickets, I'm sure we'll find ourselves back there one of these days for a weekend trip. Here are a few more pictures and the video I put together (where Kyle spills the beans on the secret to getting into MIT) ;) 


Agnes' Senior Prom


Last year, I was asked to take pictures for Agnes' Junior Prom and was given the opportunity to do it again this year. I just LOVE this family and I was so honored when they asked me to come back and shoot Agnes on one of the most memorable days as a high school senior. Also, Agnes with her prom date (boyfriend) reminded me so much of me and Kyle attending our senior prom together (6 years ago). :') They are so silly and adorable and made the whole shoot that much easier. 

Check out more pics HERE