Barnegat Lighthouse + Seaside Heights


Kyle and I are attempting to make our way to all the lighthouses in NJ, and with the limited weekends we get to see each other, we try to make the best with the time we're given. As much as we love lounging around, we love going on mini adventures and driving to new places we've never been to before. It seems as if we have way more things to do/places to see on our "To Do List" than time on our hands. So this past Saturday, we thought it would be good to drive up to Barnegat Lighthouse and then visit Seaside Heights, which we've both never been to. Unfortunately, it was SO foggy when we got to Long Beach Island and we weren't even able to go up the lighthouse. It was actually kinda scary how low the visibility was when we were driving and walking the boardwalk. It was such a bummer because I wasn't able to catch the lighthouse beauty with all the fog surrounding it. They also had a strip right next to the lighthouse that extended out into the ocean and it would have been a killer view! I'm sure we'll make our way back there (when there's no fog).

After the Lighthouse, we drove to Seaside Heights and the weather wasn't any different. Once you drive outside of the coast, the fog clears up, but when your there, it's insane. I kind of liked the shorts + long sleeves-type weather, but we had places we wanted to see, so it was hard. We walked the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, and it felt like a different world. With all the teenagers wearing mesh snapbacks, everyone with all the same gelled haircuts, workers smoking while talking to customers, and the lack of Birch Beer... I was screaming inside. Thank goodness they had ice cream!