Thursday Thoughts


Time just feels like it's flying nowadays. I can't believe it's already May 7th, and although spring just started, it feels like summer is just around the corner. This week has been quite a hectic one with a start of a new job, preparing for my brother's swim banquet, and getting ready for the MayPac fight this past weekend. 

  • Filipino pride is SO strong. This past weekend, Manny Pacquiao fought Floyd Mayweather in what was looked to as one of the biggest fights in boxing history. Now my family wasn't huge on boxing, but when we heard that a little filipino man was making it big in boxing about 10 years ago, we followed his journey and watched all of his fights since. I'm also certain that most, if not all filipinos, did the same. When I went to Philippines, Manny's face was ALL OVER the place. On the actual fight, almost all shopping malls in the Philippines closed down early... c'mon we don't even do that here for the Super Bowl. Philippines is a third world country with not much actually going for us (besides our awesome mangos and coconuts!!), so when we see an athlete on the rise, a singer making their mark here in the U.S., or an actor/actress in the big screen, we support. We take pride that they are filipino, and in a sense, representing Philippines in some way. Regardless of the outcome from the fight, we'll always be a fan.
  • What's worse... getting bit my mosquitoes or having allergies? I play volleyball outdoors and the pollen has been really bad lately. Luckily, I knew I'd get hit bad with my allergies so I've been consistent with taking my medicine, starting even before spring. At volleyball, you'll either hear my friends sneezing or me trying to fight off those annoying mosquitos. Ugh! Which do you think is worse?
  • I've never really realized how time consuming editing a video is. All the videos I've made up until now have been for my own pleasure and for those close to me. This past weekend I videoed and photographed my brother's swim banquet. I guess I felt the pressure and it almost felt as if my schedule would be wake up, edit, eat, edit, work, edit... just to make sure everything is perfect. But when my biggest critic (my 11 y/o brother) compliments my work, it makes me really happy. 
  • Filipino parties will NOT fit your macros. If you ever attend a filipino party, whether your filipino or not, you'll see more food than space and people. All the elders will make sure you eat, and if you don't have food in front of you, they'll probably grab you a plate and tell you to eat. It's actually really funny when I count how many times my parents or grandma tells our guests to "go eat." Don't be surprised if you also see a whole pig there. YUM! ;)
  • Concerts make me so excited! Kyle and I have two concerts coming up this summer, one this weekend and one towards the end. I'm so stoked for the 104.5 concert this weekend! Some of the big artists that'll be playing are Awolnation, Death Cab for Cutie, Hozier, Passion Pit, Walk the Moon, and Of Monsters and Men. We also got tickets on sale for about 70$ so how awesome is that?! I've been listening to all of their music on repeat and I'm SO excited. What concerts do you guys have lined up for this summer?
  • I believe that there should be more talk on how mental illness is REAL to help remove all the stereotypes that surround it. Mara Wilson was in three of my favorite movies of all time (Miracle on 34th St., Matilda, and Mrs. Doubtfire), and I especially love her here
  • My friend is planning her trip to Europe and wrote up a helpful post if you're ever planning to do the same. 
  • Let's remember to keep Nepal in our thoughts and prayers.
  • Rock on, Miley!
  • Mother's Day is this Sunday, so let's thank our mom's for being great at the hardest job out there