A Paris Baguette Favorite


I was first introduced to Paris Baguette last year by my roommate in college. I'm a sucker for that green tea taste, so when I had their Green Tea Blueberry cake for the first time, I fell in love. The cake itself is not too overpowering with the green tea flavor and the icing is just whipped lightly with the perfect amount of sweetness. I find that my problem with cakes or cupcakes is how sweet the frosting or filling is. If it's too sweet, I just end up taking a bite and putting it down. I'm so bummed that I only heard about them my senior year because it was five minutes away from campus, but now it's about two hours away so of course I had to stop by on my way home from Rutgers. Their cakes even include candles, two matches, and a clear, plastic cake slicer! I can't wait to try their other desserts and pastries because I also hear raving reviews about them. Here is a list of all the locations in the East Coast (including 4 in NJ and 11 in NY)!! If there is one near you, I would definitely recommend giving them a try. What are some of your favorites from Paris Baguette?