Weekend Weather = Ice Cream!


The weather this weekend is going to be BEAUTIFUlL. We've had, what feels like, the longest winter this year and I am ready for summer and the beach! All the ice cream shops around the area are opening up and it makes me SO excited! Because all the ice cream shops around the area have been closed all winter, I searched for ice cream shops every time I went to the city and came across some new favorites. I'm stoked to explore more this Spring/Summer and I'll make sure to compile a list of my favorites so you can also hit them up! 

In the meantime, I had this delicious goodness last weekend in Brooklyn, NY. The shop is called Van Leeuwin Artisan Ice Cream. They use fresh hormone-free milk and cream from local farms, which is always more appealing to me. I am so upset I didn't get to try their affogato but it's okay because I'll definitely be back there again. Read my tip here and give them a try! :)