Rainy Days and Mondays


Ah, it was another rainy (half) day here in NJ. I didn't feel like waking up this morning because the soothing sound of rain hitting the rooftop made me want to stay in bed, drink hot chocolate, and binge watch Netflix. But I do like the rain! I like the smell of a spring or summer rainfall, all wasps that go away for the day, the cool reflections some puddles give, the beautiful rainbow after the rain, and the pretty gardens and flowers that begin to bloom. However, my most favorite thing about the rain is that if it clears out by the end of the day and the sun starts peaking out, not only will you catch the rainbow, but you'll see a really BEAUTIFUL sunset (most of the time) that'll leave you at peace, wishing for another rainy day. 

My parents always said that in Philippines, when they were young, all the kids awaited for rainy days so they'd all play outside and "shower" in the rain. Two years ago, it rained really hard one summer night and my brother, Kyle, and I decided to spontaneously run around my block (well my dad kind of persuaded us). It was awesome and the expressions on our faces were filled carefree happiness afterwards. Have you ever ran around in a hard rainfall? It's SUPER fun, and if you haven't, you should! :)