A Basketball-Filled Weekend


So this past weekend, I took the bus to NY and spent the weekend over there. One of Kyle's Christmas gifts for me were tickets to the Lakers vs. Nets Basketball game this past Sunday. I was SO excited for that! However, at the time when he bought the tickets, Kobe (my all-time favorite player) was not injured... and now he is so I didn't even get to watch him play. Ugh, it was such a heartbreaker not even seeing him in the stadium. Anyway, it's cutting down to the end of March Madness so we also watched the NCAA games on Friday and on Saturday. 

Once in a while Kyle and I try to eat someplace new and we LOVE to use Foursquare to check out the cool places to eat/do nearby. The stand-out food I ate this past weekend was on Friday at this BBQ joint in the city called Mighty Quinn's BBQ. They had the most amazing beef brisket sandwich I've ever had. Check out my tip HERE, and if you're ever pass by, be sure to give it a try!! YUM!

Kyle and I also tried being news anchors for a day... and it didn't turn out so well. We'd be horrible on TV but check out this quick video we made.