Bye Bye, Wisdom Teeth


So today marks my fourth day post wisdom teeth extraction. I had all four removed at once. I was also wide awake (crazy I know), so if you're squeamish with the thought of hearing your own tooth crack, I would recommend being fast asleep and having them surgically removed instead. Honestly, for me, it got worse as the days passed by. I was in SO much pain the past two days that I began to question whether my medication was strong enough because my face was constantly throbbing. My medicine also knocks me right out so even if I try to fight it, my eyes just automatically shuts... pretty much throughout the entire day. Also, my gums are still swollen and me cheeks are still HUGE, like a chipmunk, so my parents are having a blast taking pictures of me whenever they can. I still can't eat anything solid but thank goodness for ICE CREAM, right?! and Jello. Thinking about getting your wisdom teeth out? Don't do it.