Steve + Chris


The weather is the biggest thing about a photoshoot that gets me the most anxious. I watch it like a HAWK for at least one week prior to the day of the shoot, and on days where it might rain, I panic. Steve + Chris celebrated their one year anniversary as a married couple, and I had the honor to capture their love in their new city. But the weather switched to rain by the end of the week, and we didn’t have a rain date, so we had to just go with it. I lined up at Target at 7:50am before Kyle and I drove to Philly, and bought one of those cute clear umbrellas (pictured) and it was my favorite accessory of the shoot. We (Kyle) drove around Philly, and I photographed Steve + Chris around some beautiful backdrops. The weather gave a certain mood to the photos that played a HUGE role on how much I LOVED them. This couple, this city, and this set all in all was just perfect.