wedding photography

Avery + Brandon


It was the first week of 2019, and I met these two for the first time to photograph their engagement shoot at Batsto Village, New Jersey. It was cold, and they were such troopers for walking around WITHOUT JACKETS the whole time we were shooting. Needless to say, everyone made it though the whole photoshoot without any frostbite! Whew! I wish the winter months were not “off season” because just LOVE the soft lighting during this time of year. I’m so excited for their wedding in October! :)


Steve + Chris


The weather is the biggest thing about a photoshoot that gets me the most anxious. I watch it like a HAWK for at least one week prior to the day of the shoot, and on days where it might rain, I panic. Steve + Chris celebrated their one year anniversary as a married couple, and I had the honor to capture their love in their new city. But the weather switched to rain by the end of the week, and we didn’t have a rain date, so we had to just go with it. I lined up at Target at 7:50am before Kyle and I drove to Philly, and bought one of those cute clear umbrellas (pictured) and it was my favorite accessory of the shoot. We (Kyle) drove around Philly, and I photographed Steve + Chris around some beautiful backdrops. The weather gave a certain mood to the photos that played a HUGE role on how much I LOVED them. This couple, this city, and this set all in all was just perfect.