Thursday Thoughts


It has it been a great volleyball-filled week. We've been playing almost every day this week and my body aches. But happy Thursday and happy Red Nose Day... Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner!

  • Melissa McCarthy NAILS it. "Every time you write stuff like that," she told him, "every young girl in this country reads that and gets a little [part of themselves] chipped away." Studying at Rutgers, taking substantial classes, being a mentor, and being surrounded by influential students has taught me many things about all the common stereotypes I grew up accepting in high school - all the negative slurs or insulting sayings I once was OK with. I believe it's so important to continuously educate yourself on current social issues and have a voice when you encounter others' ignorance. 
  • So proud of this strong, young lady for stepping up against sexual assault at her own graduation. She vowed to keep carrying her mattress with her until her attacker was off campus. "Never stop being academics, never stop being activists" 
  • Stephen Curry's best post-game interview, if you ask me. His daughter is a star!
  • Okay how UNFAIR is this?! If you know me, you know that ice cream is my all-time favorite food. I've only been to one on that list (Berkey Creamery) but there are a few that are around the area and I definitely intend on visiting them. 
  • Speaking of ice cream, this looks YUMMY! Definitely giving this recipe a try this summer. 
  • Pizza, pizza pizza! Another list of top 25 pizzerias in New Jersey! I was so excited when I saw that three on that list are around the area.  
  • Cool baking hacks for all you bakers out there. I've definitely had to use a wine bottle in replace of a rolling pin in the past.
  • This Taste Map is pretty darn accurate. It's no surprise that New Jersey's unique taste is PORK ROLL! I be lovin' me some pork roll, egg, and cheese on a bagel. ;) Does it speak true for your state.?
  • I have this style (pictured above) and I am loving this color too. Also these are cute ... and this new style. I just love sanuks! My birthday is in August so I guess making a wish list a little early, doesn't hurt, right?

I've got a cinnamon-sugar pull apart bread recipe coming out on Saturday! Stay tuned ;)