Follow Your Heart


So these past few weeks have been a little crazy with job interviews, job offers, and the worst part... deciding. I'm not going to go into detail with what they were but I was struggling between what I wanted and what I needed. There was a point where so many factors needed to be considered and I was just SO overwhelmed. But every time I am faced with difficult situations, I seek for guidance, not just through prayer, but from my family and close friends. When I asked my family for their input, my little 11 year old brother left this note for me to read when I woke up. I tend to over analyze everything and this was the best advice I could ask for because it was simple yet so powerful. It helped me make my decision and realize what's truly important at this point in my life. And if you're faced with life's difficult decisions, my advice to you is to just follow your heart, your gut feeling, and what feels right for YOU. Life's too short to settle for mediocre happiness.