Beacon, NY


So last month, on the weekend before our five year anniversary, I took my usual Greyhound bus up to NYC. Right before we went out to dinner, Kyle surprised me with some exciting news - we were going up to Beacon, NY for the rest of the weekend! I know I know.. Beacon is no Florida or Cancun, however, it's someplace new that both of us have never been to, and considering we usually see each other every other weekend, anytime spent together is a vacation for me. 

Anyway, Beacon was awesome. and COLD. We took the train up and pretty much walked everywhere from there. It's a small, quaint town, so everything - food, bars, coffee shops, convenient stores - was on this two mile strip. We stayed at this cozy AirBnB, and I highly recommend this awesome home to anyone thinking about taking a trip up there.


Here is a video I put together :)

Did you know that Beacon is home to one of the last dummy lights in the world?