Portland, Maine


So I guess I'm going backwards with my posts because Portland was the second stop of my summer vacation trip with Kyle. This town is beautiful. It's small, artsy, and filled with good coffee and good food! In fact two of my favorite meals of all time were from Portland (post about ALL my food from this trip will be posted later). Anyway we talked to a lot of locals who seem to have the same love for Portland, but unfortunately (& fortunately) the tourist scene in taking over the town. We stayed at an AirBnB of a woman whose apartment was right by the water. She was being kicked out because she just couldn't afford paying for rent after living in Portland for over 20 years. Because of the increase in tourist, there's a drive for summer homes, nicer looking apartments, and of course only people who can afford to pay for them. Many of the locals were now being pushed on the outskirts of the city because of how quickly Portland was booming and transforming. A few shop owners we talked to had mixed feelings about the whole thing because it was awesome to see their town grow in the music, arts, and food scene, but sad to see it come from a small town where almost everyone knew each other to, at times, an overpopulated place filled with tourists.

We loved it here and everyone was SUPER nice! We visited the Portland Lighthouse (which is the lighthouse showcased for Red Lobster) and it was absolutely beautiful. Kyle and I try to visit all the lighthouses we can and this was the most breathtaking one. Unfortunately, we went on a gloomy day but I can just imagine how much more beautiful it would be on a bright, sunny day. We also visited Allagash Brewing Company and Mt. Battle in Camden, Maine... not Camden, New Jersey! ;) 

And of course, here's a quick video of our time here :)