Boston, Massachusetts


Welp, here it goes... the last video of my summer trip last year. When Kyle and I began our excursion, we started off at Boston, spent three days there, rented a car, and drove to Maine for the rest of our trip. We got a round trip bus from NYC to Boston for like $36 so how can you beat that?! On our first day there, we went to the Sam Adams Brewery, watched a baseball game at Fenway Park, ate lots of hot dogs, and traveled an hour out to get the best ice cream on our list. I actually had ice cream 6/9 days on this trip so...hehe. Anyway, Kyle and I jam packed all of our days and literally woke up so early each day to fit all the activities and find time to hit up food in between. We visited college campuses, wore ponchos out in the pouring rain, rode on trollies, traveled through subways, rented bikes for a day, and walked. A WHOLE LOT. We also ate more food on this trip than I'm willing to admit. I'll be posting an itinerary of our trip with all the food spots we hit up in case anyone wanted the recommendations. There are so many things to do in Boston, and even if we were up and out from 8-11 every day, we still feel like there is so much we didn't get to see. But with $36 round trip tickets, I'm sure we'll find ourselves back there one of these days for a weekend trip. Here are a few more pictures and the video I put together (where Kyle spills the beans on the secret to getting into MIT) ;)