Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface

Album Cover

Album Cover

Hi! Okay so I am also a huge fan of music. My dad use to have tons of CDs (back when they were cool) of all his favorite bands, and we had a whole wall of them in our living room. On Sundays, we'd go through CD after CD, while relaxing at home after church. Silence is rare at my home because let's be real... filipinos are loud. Just kidding (maybe).. but I do live with 5 other people and it is never a quiet moment (in a good way). On days when we're all caught relaxing together or cooking together, my dad almost always has some music on in the background. If he doesn't have music playing, he'll be on our piano learning a new piece. I guess it grew on me because I'm always listening to music and now my whole family has a friendly brawl on who's playlist gets to go on the speakers each time. 

Anyways, twenty one pilots slowly became one of my favorite bands to listen to after I saw them live at Firefly Music Festival last year. They weren't even the main act but they seriously stole the show when they were on stage. After that show, I immediately bought their Vessel CD and have been a huge fan ever since. AND I know that've mentioned this a billion times already, but I'm watching them in concert again in September, at one of my favorite concert venues.. and I can't hardly wait!! A little over a week ago, they released a brand new album, Blurryface, and it's been playing non-stop on my iTunes. So much so that my little brother and mom started to hum some tunes the other day. SCORE! Anyone else huge fans?! These are probably my top favorites, but honestly the whole album is sick.

The songs on the radio are okay, but...

You can listen to the whole album on Spotify too! ;)