Thursday Thoughts

I love reunions. Yesterday, one of my roommates from college came down to Atlantic City and today, my boss from Rutgers, who played a major role in my undergraduate career, also came down to meet up for lunch. Visits like these bring back so much nostalgia. It's crazy how the people you surround yourself with in college essentially become your second family - a home away from home. From my freshman year roommate to my senior year roommate(s), they all played a part of my home away from home, and I am grateful for them. I'm also grateful because I had the greatest job I could ever ask for in college. I worked with Intramurals for three years and I was surrounded by the sports I love, fitness, and a good group of people. It allowed me to grow as a leader and gain some long-lasting friendships. I also had the privilege to work for a man who truly cares about his students and still (to this day) continues to push me to grow as a person and become a better version of myself. That type of boss is hard to come by.